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Modern Banking for a of

VetraFi is built for the unique needs of servicemembers and veterans, and we seek to empower your financial stability. We put more money into your pocket every month through our high yield savings accounts, offer best-in-class features and benefits designed for our fellow troops and veterans.

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We're Proud to Serve & Support*

Air Force
Coast Guard
Space Force

It’s easier than ever!

Effortlessly build and control your financial health with simplicity

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Earn Unlimited 1.0% Cash Back on All Purchases

Maximize every dollar spent with our straightforward, unlimited 1.0% cash back on all purchases – simplicity and rewards, all in one§

Effortlessly Boost Your Savings with Every Purchase

Supercharge savings with every transaction using our round-up feature.

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APY Yield

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Free ATM Withdrawals & Money Transfers Anywhere in the World

Experience hassle-free banking from any corner of the globe with zero fees on ATM withdrawals† and money transfers, tailored for US service members on the move.

Grow Your Savings Faster, Safely, and Efficiently. Unlock the Full Potential of Your Earnings!

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Manage and Monitor Your Money Anytime on Your Smartphone.

Whether in the field, deployed, or back in garrison, easily access your finances with our app, designed to keep you connected to your money no matter where you are.

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nce acco unt today!

Send and Receive

Managing Your Finances Has Never Been Easier

Harness full control over your finances with VetraFi’s Spending account and Secured Credit Card, offering a streamlined, user-friendly experience for budgeting, depositing, and earning unlimited 1.0% cash back on purchases.

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Personalized Financial Dashboard

Complete Financial Command Center That Exceeds Your Expectations.

Experience unparalleled financial oversight with our Tailored Financial Management Dashboard, blending advanced features with intuitive tools. Designed to empower you with precise control over your finances, it adapts seamlessly to meet your unique financial goals and needs.

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Intuitive Design

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Customizable Views

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Goal Setting & Tracking

VetraFi benefits

Everything in Finance Just Became so Easy

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Credit Building

Build your credit efficiently with our tailored tools.

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No Hidden Fees

Experience banking with absolute transparency and no hidden fees.

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Help & Support

Get 24/7 personalized assistance for all your needs.

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Security & Fraud Prevention

Your finances are safe with top-tier security and fraud prevention.


Frequently Asked Questions

Provide short and useful solutions on a variety of topics, saving time and effort for those looking for particular information.

1. What is a secured credit card and how does it help me build credit?

3. Are there any fees for using the ATM or for money transfers?

5. What makes VetraFi different from other military-affiliated financial institutions?

2. How does the round-up feature work to save money?

4. How can I access and manage my accounts on the go?

6. What security features does VetraFi offer to protect my account?


How We Compare to the Competition

Discover the VetraFi difference: superior rates, unmatched benefits, and personalized services that set us apart from the competition.


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Empowering you with innovation and unmatched service excellence.

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HYSA with 3.25% APY

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Secured Credit with Rewards

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Passive Savings Strategies

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ATM Fee Reimbursement

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Leading Military Bank

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Traditional offerings with a focus on basic banking for military.

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No High-Yield Savings

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Zero Reward Program

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No Savings Strategies

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ATM Fee Reimbursement

Why Settle for Less?


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